Genetic Tests


Genetic testing at ProHerper

ProHerper can never guarantee any genetic test result obtained by any third-party since we were not present when samples (shed skin) were collected. ProHerper can only guarantee that the result obtained for a given shed is reliable (>99% accurate) and was conducted professionally. Although we do everything within our power to avoid shed and sample mixup, this can never be fully excluded and customers should be aware that this can happen in rare occasions.  

Genetic tests are designed to prove genetics, not to disprove any genetics. It is therefore impossible to guarantee in any way that a negative test can fully exclude the absence of certain morph as there may be rare genetic lines that are not picked up in the genetic test. 

Purchasing animals from ProHerper

All offered snakes are guaranteed to be healthy. All baby snakes have to eat at least three times and shed properly before they will be displayed for sale. However, reservation of snakes not listed on the 'for sale' page is possible, but the snake may only leave the breeding facility after eating at least three times. The buyer is aware of any genetic malfunctions linked to certain morphs (e.g. wobble) and ProHerper cannot be held responsible for any genetic malfunctions related to any given morph.

All snakes have been sexed at least two times but sex cannot be guaranteed. It is the buyer's responsibility to check the sex of the snake again after arrival. If the sex turns out to be wrong, please contact us and we can arrange a compensation. This compensation will be the difference in price of the enlisted morph, at the time the snake was bought, as determined by ProHerper. ProHerper will never take back any snakes once sold. This is to protect our collection from infectious diseases.

ProHerper cannot be held responsible for any fatalities as a result of bad transportation. When buying a snake from ProHerper we expect the buyer to know that snakes are reptiles that are sensitive to extreme temperatures and should be transported properly, preferably in an isolation box.

If the purchased animal dies, please contact us and provide evidence (picture) that you bought the snake from proherper and evidence from a veterinarian about how the snake died. ProHerper cannot be held responsible for improper housing conditions and the consequences following improper housing conditions. If it turns out that the death of the snake is due to a genetic defect unrelated to the morph, the buyer will receive a proper compensation. We will try to replace the snake or the buyer will get its money back.

Snakes can only be reserved after paying a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total price. A date and place will be agreed upon to collect the snake where the remainder will be paid. If you agree to purchase the animal, you have 5 days to pay the reservation fee. Reservation is only valid once the money is transferred to our bank account. If, due to circumstances, ProHerper is unable to deliver the snake on the set date, a new date can be agreed upon or the deposit can be refunded. It is however the buyer's responsibility to be present upon the agreed place and date. If the buyer does not show up at the agreed place and time, the reservation will be cancelled and ProHerper will not refund the deposit. ProHerper holds the right to cancel the reservation at any time. In this case, the deposit will be refunded in full. If the animal becomes ill or dies during reservation, the buyer will be notified and has the right to cancel the reservation. The deposit will then be refunded in full. The ball python market is volatile and it is possible that prices drop over the course of a reservation. The buyer still has to pay the agreed price. All prices are based on the current market value at the time of posting and take age and quality into account.

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