Yellow belly complex

Yellow belly is a co-dominant gene with a super (the Ivory). The Ivory is a white snake with a faint yellow line. Yellow belly adds flames and orange to combo's. Recently alot of of new genes were added to the complex. Once Specter was proven to be part of the yellow belly complex, dinkers were paired with Yellow belly in a quest to prove out new genes. This turned out to be very succesfull as more genes were discovered. These other genes in the complex produce supers with more color and are relatively new genes.
Genes in this complex are:
- Asphalt (het Freeway)
- Gravel (het Highway)
- Orange belly
- Spark (het Puma)
- Specter (het Super stripe)
- Yellow belly (het Ivory)
These genes are subtle genes and almost impossible to differentiate. Therefore, it is advisable to use atleast one super to make sure if and which genes are present in the combo. 
We have a few Yellow belly combo's:
0.1 Pastel Yellow belly (Pictured)
1.0 Leopard Yellow belly
0.1 Pastel Yellow belly Leopard
Yellow belly is another highlighter gene. Yellow belly combo's get brighter with age.