Enchi! Needless to say more right? It is the must have gene! Combine it with any other gene and it will only get better, retain more color into adulthood and reduce the pattern. This is why its called a highlighter gene. They have green eyes and yellow sides. But I haven't told you about the best part! There is a super enchi as well. The super reduces pattern even further and has higher yellow content. Enchi is actually part of the 8-ball complex (Cinnamon/Black pastel and others), but we believed it deserved a separate page ;).
Our entire collection is build around the enchi gene, and we have quite alot of them:
1.2 Enchi
0.1 Enchi Pastel
0.1 Enchi Mojave
0.1 Enchi Hidden gene woma Vanilla
1.0 Enchi Firefly
0.1 Super Enchi Mojave Red Stripe (pictured)
0.2 Enchi Fire
0.1 Enchi Fire Champagne
0.1 Super Enchi Super Pastel
1.0 Enchi Mojave Fire
1.0 Enchi Coral glow
0.1 Enchi Pied
Enchi is one of the few genes that get better when they age. They tend to get brighter while ageing.