Spider Complex

Spider was, together with Pastel, one of the first (co)-dominant genes and sparked the ball python rage. When combined with Pastel you get bumblebee, probably the most famous designer morph. However, there is a major downside on this gene. It is associated with some kind of neurological disorder. They almost always develop a wobble, an uncontrollably head movement. Aside from this, they are ferocious feeders. Spider is often said to be dominant because some people claim that homozygous spiders have been produced. But there does not seem to be any evidence for these claims. It is more likely that the super spider is lethal in the egg and that the supers never hatch. There are a number of different genes in the spider complex but this is not yet proven because the combo's are lethal or associated with severe neurological disorders. If you want to read more about Spider ball python wobble read this article here.
These genes are: 
- Spider
- Woma
- Hidden gene woma (HGW)
- Champagne
- Chocolate
- Sable 
- Spotnose
- Black Head
- Wookie
Spider, woma, hidden gene woma and champagne can all have a wobble, although the wobble of HGW and champagne are generally less severe or absent. Hidden gene woma does not contain an actual 'hidden gene' but was named like this because it looked like a woma but acted completely different in combo's. It is just a completely different morph. A nice example is when you compare the woma lesser and the HGW lesser (soulsucker). Only Sable (super Sable) and Spotnose (Powerball) can produce a viable super but these supers also have a wobble. Combos between genes of this complex are usually lethal or only viable for a few days. Therefore, we advice not to pair animals from this complex with another complex gene. For this reason we have decided to reduce genes from this complex to a minimum and stopped breeding spiders.
We now have the following genes in our collection: 
0.1 Champagne
0.1 Enchi fire champgne
0.1 Enchi Vanilla Hidden gene woma
1.0 Spotnose het clown
0.1 Enchi Vanilla Pastel Hgw Vanilla het Clown (pictured)
Genes from this complex age well, but HGW does brown out a lot.