Pastel is one of the first co-dominant genes in the hobby. There are a number of different bloodlines available, but are impossible to differentiate. Aside from the popular belief that Pastel is only a color mutation, it can also influence the pattern. Pastel tends to give a busy pattern and also breaks up the pattern. This is especially the case in combination with clown where the head pattern is almost abolished. Another example isĀ genetic stripe where pastel breaks up the dorsal stripe. Pastel is easy to recognise in combo's because of the green eyes and white lips.
We have alot of Pastels in our collection:
0.1 Pastel
0.1 Vanilla Pastel
0.1 Pastel Clown
1.0 Enchi Firefly
0.1 Enchi Pastel
0.1 Pastel Yellowbelly
0.1 Super Pastel Super Enchi
0.1 Pastel Yellowbelly Leopard (Pictured)
Pastel usually turns brown when it ages but this depends on the bloodline.