Leopard is a relative new gene. It was isolated from a Piebald and thefore assumed to belong in the Piebald complex. This is however not true. But because all Leopards are derived from a Piebald and the first generation of leopards where paired with Piebalds to test to aformentioned hypothesis, Leopard do have a high chance to be het Piebald. This is a gene everyone who wants to breed on the long term should have! Once you go to triple or more gene combo's the pattern starts to fade away and you end up with patternless brown snakes in some occasions. The Leopard gene offers a solution. They bring back pattern and are therfore also ideal to combine with genes that reduce pattern such as Ivories or Champagne.
We have a number of Leopard combo's:
1.1 Leopard
0.1 Leopard Mojave (Pictured)
0.1 Leopard Pinstripe
1.0 Leopard Yellow belly
0.1 Leopard Pastel Yellow belly 
Leopards usually do not chance much when they get older.