Fire complex

The Fire complex is similar to the BEL complex. The super is also referred to as BEL, short for black eyed leucistic (white snake with black eyes and red pupils). This BEL can somethimes have patches of yellow (in contrast to the BEL from the butter complex). Remark that the fire complex and the butter complex are not compatible. There are a range of different genes from the Fire complex: 
Fire, Lucifer and Sulphur are the same gene in my opnion and produce BELs. Vanilla and Disco are also very similar but do not produce a BEL. Disco tends to produce a super with white ringers, something Vanilla does not. 
We have a number of different Fire complex combo's:
0.1 Vanilla Pastel
0.1 Fire Clown (Pictured)
0.1 Enchi Hidden gene woma vanilla
0.2 Enchi Fire
0.1 Enchi Fire champagne 
1.0 Enchi fire mojave
Fire and vanilla are considered to be highlighter genes. They usually do not change the pattern but brighten up the color big time. They also get better while ageing.