Coral glow/banana

Coral glow or banana are the same gene but a different bloodline, just as with Lesser and Butter. The special thing about this gene is that it seems to be sex related. When breeding a 'male-maker' coral glow, the coral glow offspring will be 90% males. This means that (almost) all your males in the clutch will be coral glow! These males are again male-makers coral glows. If you have a female coral glow and breed her the sex ratio of the coral glows will be 50-50. The males from this females are said to be female makers. These female makers coral glows will produce 90% female coral glows! So depending on the parents your coral glow can either be a female or a male maker coral glow. However, this is still debated as some people have reported 'male-maker' coral glows that produce a sex ratio of  50-50. Due to this 'male-maker issue' coral glows have dropped in price considerably in the last few years making them affordable for everyone.  
Coral glow is without a doubt the prettiest co-dominant gene. When they are combined with dark morphs such as cinnamon or black pastel their color can get even more intense with bright orange and purple!
We own:
1.0 Coral glow (pictured)
1.0 Coral glow Enchi
0.1 Black pastel pinstripe coral glow
Coral glow tends to hold its color well into adulthood but do get some speckles as adult in the darker part of their pattern. If you don't like this you can choose a combo such as coral glow pinstripe that doesn't get as many speckles.