Clown ball python

Clown is recessive, which means that you need both of the parents to carry the clown gene to produce a visual clown. There are no real markers for het clowns. Yet, in combination with some genes (e.g. desert) it is easy to identify the het clowns. In general, they are brighter in color and the black seems to be pitch black, especially on the lips. the pattern tends to be more busy compared to their non-het clown counterparts. However, just as with piebald markers, even if all signs are there it is never guaranteed that they are het clown! The clown gene has been in the hobby for a very long time but only became popular when pastel clown and killer clowns were produced.  

Gizmo was the gene ever to be proven allelic with Clown! Gizmo is similar to Migraine, Cryptic and Amur and we will need to prove whether they are all the same or different. 



We own a few clown morphs. This will increase significantly in the future. 
0.1 Pinstripe het clown 
1.0 Spotnose het clown
0.1 Spotnose clown (pictured)
0.1 Clown
0.1 Pastel Clown
1.0 Pastel Lesser Clown
Clown combines especially well with highlighter genes such as enchi or fire. It is one of the strongest genes you can find and is even able to break down the pattern of Pinstripe! The downside of the clown gene is that they can 'brown out' as an adult, but they still remain one of the most sought after genes.