Bel ball python complex

BEL is short for blue eyed leucistic (A white snake with blue eyes).
All BEL complex genes: 
Butter/Lesser (platinum) 
Russo Het Leucistic
Daddy Gene
Al these genes are compatible with each other. In other words, when pairing snakes from the BEL complex you have a chance to produce a super. The upper BEL genes tend to give you supers with less color and pattern with the most extreme being the super Butter/Lesser. This BEL is sometimes associated with bug eyes, eyes that stick out further from their head. Therefore, it is better to produce a BEL from a mojave x Lesser/Butter pairing. The lower BEL animals are harder to differentiate from a normal and give you supers with more colors. However, it is still unclear how bamboo fits in this spectrum. It is generally accepted that Lesser and Butter are the same gene, but another blood line. BEL animals retain their color into adulthood and combine well with almost any other gene. Therefore, they should be an essential part of every collection.