Things you need to know about Red stripe ball pythons

Red stripe ball pythons.

What a wonderful gene. This was one of the most underrated genes until the first magma (Red stripe Clown) and Pompeii (Red stripe Black pastel Spotnose Yb Clown) were produced.


The gene by itself looks not that spectacular, with an almost complete stripe on the back, a burned orange color, a lack of alien heads and a granite look.


Red stripe is co-dominant and also has a great super which is basically the extremer version of a Red stripe.


Red stripe interacts well with darker genes like Black pastel, Ghi, Cypress and Mojave, but we believe that Enchi combos will especially result in amazing future combos.


It is currently not known with which genes it will prove to be allelic, but given the extreme interaction with the Cypress ball python it is expected that they will prove out to be allic. No issues have been reported and Red stripe can be combined with every other gene without issues.


Another notable Red stripe combo is the Red Devil ball python which is a super Red stripe Genetic stripe.


We have been lucky enough to acquire a Red stripe Enchi male in 2016 which was a world first at the time. This has allowed us to produce some amazing world firsts as well. Watch the video to see some that we produced!