Amazing Coral glow ball python morphs!

The coral glow ball python morph

Coral glow or also known as banana is a ball python morph that has the largest wow effect on most people not interested in ball pythons. These animals have some serious color, ranging from intense yellows to vibrant orange and purple. The darker the other colors mixed into it, the more orange and purple! 


A special thing about the coral glow morph is that it is sexed linked, meaning that whenever a male coral glow is used for reproduction all coral glows will be of a certain sex and all non coral glow animals will be of the opposite sex. You can have "male makers" and "female makers" coral glow males. The females will produce both sexes! How cool is that!

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ProHerper is run by a small scale hobby breeder who has been keeping and breeding ball pythons for over a decade. 


With a PhD in molecular biology, Dr. Jurgen can tell you everything you need to know about genetics!

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Really helpful seller with no issues concerning communication. Received two beautiful healthy animals! - Apr. 07, 2022 


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